Marcus Garvey Goes Home

Dr. Julius Garvey, of the Marcus Garvey Institute of Human Development, Strictly Roots the Pan African Technical Association (PATA) and our friends, associates and renown Los Angeles artist Mr. Nijel Binns are creating the Marcus Garvey Bronze Sculpture to be installed in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, the un-official capital of Africa.

Your contribution will ensure that this first gift of the African Black Diaspora (African American, African Caribbean, African Brazilian and Africans in the Diaspora) to the people of Africa is a success.

The Pan-African Technical Association (PATA) is a member of the Marcus Garvey Bronze Coordinating Committee and responsible for fiscal management. You will be forwarded to the PATA Paypal page where you can donate either by Paypal or Credit Card.  


Make Checks Payable to PATA

P.O. Box 431727

Los Angeles, Ca, 90043